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Clothing and Belongings

Your child’s day involves a lot of hands ‘on’ and ‘in’ activities, which can be quite messy. Clothing needs to be comfortable, tough, easily washed and appropriate to the weather conditions. Footwear needs to be sensible and safe for physical activities. Thongs are not acceptable.

Please supply sufficient changes of clothes for your child. Two complete changes (Including singlet and socks) of clean clothing appropriate to the weather conditions are required. In between seasons please ensure short and long sleeved top and short or long pants are supplied.

For children toilet training, clothing needs to be easy for them to manage for themselves (i.e. no belts, overalls or bodysuits etc.) also include an extra pair of shoes, socks and singlet. Two changes of clothing as a minimum.

For children in nappies - A minimum of 6 disposable nappies are required each day that your child attends the centre.

SUMMER: - Children must have a ‘sun smart’ hat for outdoor play i.e. A broad brimmed hat or a legionnaire hat. T-shirts and tops must give adequate protection from the sun, i.e. they must have sleeves not thin shoulder straps.

WINTER: - All children require a warm coat or jacket for outdoor play.

Please do not bring any toys or belongings from home unless they are ‘comfort’ toys or ‘sleep time’ toys. If you need to bring something make sure that it is CLEARLY LABELLED.

Each day we ask that you please:

  • LABEL EVERYTHING (bottles, dummies, clothing, socks, undies, shoes, bag, toys, hats etc.)
  • Check the LOST PROPERTY line, located above the bag hooks, and report promptly to an educator any item lost by your child and/or return any toys the children may inadvertently have taken home that is not theirs.


Must be clearly labeled with your child’s name, and if on infant formula, parents should bring the bottles with the correct amount of cool boiled water in them. Please put the bottles and formula container on the kitchen bench each morning. Do not leave bottles in your child’s bag. Bottles are only washed and rinsed at the Centre as we do not the facilities to sterilize them.


Must be clearly labeled with your child’s name and placed in their individually labeled airtight container located outside the kitchen. Dummies and dummy pots will be washed weekly but are not sterilized at the centre. If you would like your child’s dummy sterilized please take it home regularly (we suggest once a week). Don’t forget to return it the next time your child attends.

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