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Our daily curriculum is based on both the centre philosophy and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) which sets the standard for the learning, development and care of young children. EYLF helps us to develop five important learning outcomes in your child, whilst taking in to account their individual abilities, interests and special educational requirements. Our daily program is on display on the programming window in the foyer. It is carefully planned to ensure all children are catered for as individuals and as a group. Through our daily observations, planned and spontaneous curriculum activities, group times, meal times and routine times we aim to ensure that all children enrolled

  • Have a strong sense of identity,
  • Are connected with and contribute to their world;
  • Have a strong sense of wellbeing,
  • Are confident and involved learners and
  • Are effective communicators.

The activities planned and provided at Tiny Tots will be set out to practice and extend the children’s skills and interests. Children are active learners; capable, intelligent, creative and social individuals who develop through play and have a variety of learning styles. Learning Centres provide the opportunity for children to practice, refine and develop skills and interests.

The Learning centres listed below are provided on a daily basis: -

  • Creative / Messy spot: provides the opportunity to paint, paste, draw, manipulate play dough, shredded paper, slime, goop, role play and initiate interactions with each other.
  • Music and movement and using musical instruments: builds confidence.
  • Let’s Pretend / Imaginative Play: provides the opportunity to role play, dress up, share activities with others, express emotions and learning to interact.
  • On the Move / Fitness Fun / Soft fall / Digging Patch: provide the opportunity to develop small and large muscle movements. It also provides the opportunity to socialise, learn to share, and build relationships with others.
  • Quiet Corner / Quiet Time: provides the opportunity to read books, look at pictures, interact with others, sing songs and finger plays, listen to stories and poems.
  • Free Choice / Construction: provide the opportunity to use puzzles, play games, encounter simple science and math problems, build with blocks, interact and learn to talk.

Personal Development occurs through developing independence with routine activities such as using the toilet, feeding oneself, dressing and undressing and resting. Opportunities to learn about health, hygiene, nutrition and the 5 senses gives children the confidence to grow and independence to develop. Self-Help skills like beginning to dress oneself, choosing a drink, feeding oneself and washing own hands helps build self-esteem. Children also gain independence, empowerment and high self-esteem through the provision of daily routines that are predictable and carried out in a calm and caring environment. Routine times develop personal skills and give children a feeling of security.

PLAY is the children‘s WORK and through play children learn a whole range of new skills and extend their interests. Even though many activities are provided, children are not expected to do everything. They are encouraged to try everything and to make their own decision however they are not forced to produce things to take home. Our program provides your child with experiences that nurture physical health and wellbeing, social competency emotional maturity, communication skills and general knowledge. Your child will develop social skills, independence, decision making and problem solving skills.

Parents are invited and encouraged to contribute to the program. You can do this by chatting with an educator and letting us know what your child’s favourite home activity is, new songs you have learnt, maybe you speak another language and can teach a rhyme or song in your home language, coming to the centre and sharing a skill such as playing an instrument, cooking a meal, reading a story. Weekend Forms are available in the foyer and we would love to hear what exciting things you and your family get up to on your time away from Tiny Tots. Each child has an individual record of their time at the centre containing artworks, photos and learning stories which families are encouraged to view and contribute to.

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